UVU Office of Teaching and Learning

New Proctor Application

Thank you for agreeing to supervise an examination for a UVU online student. Please take a few minutes to complete this certification form. After completing this process, you will be notified by the Office of Teaching & Learning concerning your certification status within two business days by e-mail. This certification will be valid for two years, at which point you will need to fill out a new form to remain a certified proctor with our office. This form may NOT be filled out by anyone other than the person applying to be certified as a proctor. Students MAY NOT fill out this form for their proctor. If this is done, the form will become invalid and the proctor will immediately be rejected.

All UVU Exam Proctoring email correspondence will come directly from a database system with the addresses: servicedesk@uvu.edu or pob_pob@uvu.edu. Please make sure these addresses are whitelisted on your email server.

Proctors may NOT be any of the following:
I certify that none of the above applies to me.
I certify that I am NOT a part-time or full-time athletic coach, athletic administrator, or athletic academic counselor.
I certify that I will be filling out this form for myself and/or my facility to become a certified proctor with UVU Office of Teaching and Learning and for no one else.
I certify that all information given will be my own, and I will not give any false information to the best of my knowledge.